Bringing Mindfullness into Motherhood

Choose an activity you love and bring mindfullness into every day.


Being in nature is my go to with being present with my kids aka practising mindfullness.
Yesterday, we headed up to Mount Tamborine to do a rainforest walk with our boys Tallow and Jax. What a beautiful few hours we had, absolutely amazing and stunning. What I noticed from this experience was that I felt very present in the moment- this was because it was all new- I was engaging all my senses- seeing and looking for things I haven’t seen before, listening to sounds, smelling the forest and feeling my feet hit the ground. This wasn’t a challenge because I was actively pointing these things out to Tallow to ensure it was a really exciting and fun experience for him- so I was saying things like “listen can you hear that!? What do you hear?,  Wow whats that?, Watch where you step”, showing him birds and animals and leaves, etc etc. We created games while walking, we hid and scared Dad, we made footprints in the mud, we raced. It was an incredible few hours. Tallow had a blast and I was so proud of him (he walked about 2kms!!). We connected beautifully and I felt so much gratitude and reguvinated as a person because not only was I doing something that I loved and “filled my cup”, I was being present and practicing mindfullness with my family and teaching my children life lessons through the simple act of play and exploration.


If I had of been at home we probably would have been playing in the playroom with toys that I’ve played with a million times and it would have been very hard to be present for me. More than likely I would have found myself focusing on the “to do list”, food that needs to be done, washing that needs to be hung and all the many things that come with the day to day “to dos”. It would have been mentally draining for me and while Tallow probably would have still been having fun, he wouldn’t have engaged his mind as much, experienced as much, no doubt learn as much and I’d venture to say we had a lot more fun than the playroom too.


Bringing mindfullness into motherhood doesn’t have to be a chore. Think of something you love doing- swimming in the ocean, walking in nature – whatever is may be and then incorporate it into your lives. You will all benefit greatly from this. Your children will learn that there is more to life than the “playroom”, you will connect as a family and you will be present in the moment.



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