Acupuncture for Pre conception, Pregnancy and Beyond


As a Midwife and Mum I have witnessed the benefits of Acupuncture for pre conception, pregnancy and postnatal and even for our babies!

We personally used it for Pre conception to assist in fertility, throughout our pregnancy and found it incredible for iniating labour!

Through experience however, I have realised that this is a service that is poorly understood and under utilised. So I thought I would do a Q & A with the amazing Brad and Tabitha from Studio Qi to answer some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Acupuncture. Enjoy xx


What is acupuncture for those that don’t know?
Acupuncture is a beautiful modality that helps balance all the systems of the body. When internal organs are working to their best then signs and symptoms will fade away, giving you great health.

Is it safe during pregnancy?
Yes, acupuncture is totally safe during pregnancy with a qualified and experienced practitioner. It is also so beneficial for all stages and conditions of pregnancy.

Does it hurt?
Acupuncture does not hurt as we use a gentle and effective technique combined with very fine needles.

How does acupuncture assist with fertility?
3 big areas acupuncture can assist for women…
1. It balances the hormones system
2. It builds blood and the thickness of the uterus lining
3. Helps produce quality eggs

For men it boosts sperm motility and morphology to very high levels creating healthy active sperm.
It also helps to calm and relax which helps you to fall pregnant.

How can acupuncture assist during pregnancy?
Acupuncture can assist with so many things…
From morning sickness to varicose veins, back pain, headaches, migraines, swollen hands and feet, carpel tunnel, tiredness, cold and flus, groin and pubis pain, acid reflux, constipation, restless legs and not sleeping well, anxiety and depression.

Can acupuncture help for morning sickness?
Acupuncture is so good for morning sickness and the quicker you get an acupuncture treatment the faster it will work. Every woman reacts different but the nausea or vomiting is acupuncture’s forte.

Can acupuncture assist with induction of labour?
Yes induction also works effectively from 40 weeks or if your medical team says you can go into labour due to medical reasons. The points we use help your body release oxytocin to help the body fall naturally into labour. Plus, it’s so relaxing and we see this to be a huge key into going into labour as well. Acupuncture is a state changer.

Can babies receive Acupuncture?
Yes, actually having acupuncture while you’re pregnant will give the baby a treatment as well, flushing blood and oxygen and calm to the body.
We also treat babies for reflux, colic, constipation, not sleeping well and after vaccinations to help the immune system deal with the vaccines which will reduce any rashes, heat, headaches or lethargy they may experience.

How acupuncture can help the 4 weeks before labour…
We do a once a week acupuncture session for the 4 weeks before you go into labour and this helps with the energy, releasing any anxiety or worry about the birth. Plus we see that it helps the woman fall into a natural labour and during birth usually there is less intervention which gives you the birth you’re dreaming of.


A little bit about Brad and Tabitha..

We are Brad and Tabitha Fennell, the founders of Studio Qi located in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast since 2000. We have personally experienced the amazing benefits of acupuncture and are very passionate about sharing with you the best that acupuncture has to offer. Over the last 18 years we have developed techniques to ensure that you receive the very best acupuncture experience possible. 

We are qualified acupuncture practitioners registered with the peak acupuncture body AACMA, this is important because not all are. Our training and experience allows us to guarantee that your treatment will be both safe and effective.

Your acupuncture treatments will focus on what it is that you wish to achieve. We will communicate with you, which will simply allow you to make informed choices as you receive the best possible results. Often the simple changes that we facilitate and recommend will make an immediate and dramatic difference. 

You can read more about this amazing team HERE

They have also just launched a beautiful online course on Supporting Natural Birth which

The full course includes:

  • printable E book : including14 comprehensive chapters full of acupressure points, stories and tips for natural birth.
  • a print out chart of points to take with you to your birthing room.
  • online tutorials with over 40 minutes of interactive video content; step by step visual guides to each acupressure point listed.
  • extra tips & stories from personal experiences
  • support & education to ensure you have the birthing experience of your dreams.

Check it out HERE.

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