Who doesn’t love a nice picnic, with good food, catching up and meeting new friends and watching the kids play?

I certainly do and I really want to bring this simple joy back. I want our son to grow up enjoying the outside world and playing with other kids like we used to. I want him to be surrounded by food that will nourish him and I want to be surrounded by others that share this simple vision. I also think this is a great way for Mums and Dads to simply take some time out, meet new friends and also be inspired for some new recipe ideas.

So… I have created the Bring Back The Picnic.

First Monday of every month ill be setting up a picnic blanket at Frascott Park in Varsity Lakes at 9am. This is a beautiful park with lots of grass, beautiful fig trees and shade and a awesome kids park. We will be setting up next to the park under a tree.

What to bring; A healthy plate to share if possible. One of the motivations for this is to share healthy cooking ideas and get inspired. I don’t know about you but I often get caught making the same things so its always nice to find new recipes. Don’t have time to make food? Don’t stress, if a certain day (and we all have them) cooking just isn’t going to happen for whatever reason please don’t be deterred, come anyway, there will always be food to share and I think “those days” are really the days that you need to take time out the most.

Time and date: 9am first Monday every month, commencing Feb 5th
Where: Frascott park, 24A Yodelay St, Varsity Lakes QLD 4227


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