Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Event


25th March 2018


Space 10,
22 Tenth Avenue Palm Beach (on the corner of Cypress Tce and Tenth Avenue). Look out for the white brick hall!

Early bird single ticket $40, double $60. Non early bird single $50, double $70

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Event

As a midwife and a nurse we are taught that a Collaborative approach to healthcare results in better outcome. What is a collaborative approach? A collaborative approach to health essentially refers to working with a multidisciplinary team, where each professional provides care/recommendations based on their expertise.

An example of this would be during pregnancy having a primary carer such as a midwife work in collaboration with an obstetrician, a nutritionist or dietician and so forth.
Or another example would be someone experiencing a broken leg. They would see a orthopaedic surgeon. The surgeon would then collaborate with a physiotherapist for recovery, possibly a pain specialist depending on severity and a occupational therapist depending how their injury would impact their home and work life.

You probably are starting to get the picture and it makes sense why this approach yields the best results, after all our bodies are complex systems and we cannot expect one person to specialise in every system. You cannot expect a brain surgeon who has devoted years upon years of time learning the brain to understand the complexities of the digestive system, the kidneys, liver etc. Similarly, you cannot expect a GP in addition to all that he/she learns to have studied gut health, nutrition, breastfeeding physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic..again you see what I’m getting at. So you can see that the body, with all its complexities requires a variety of experts in different areas to provide more thorough care.

How is this relevant to pregnancy?
In addition to your Midwife, Obstetrician or GP, there are a great number of healthcare providers and services that can assist you during conception, pregnancy, birthing and parenting.
The problem isn’t the lack of services, its that there is a general lack of awareness of their existence and the role they play specifically to pre conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. This lack of awareness in my mind comes from lack of education. I believe it is our job as healthcare professionals to inform our couples of such services. I believe that education is powerful and informed choices can only be made after all the information is presented and lastly I believe when we utilise a Collaborative care approach we get the best results.

This is the core reason why I have created these Events. To bring together a bunch of leading guest speakers with frontline experience and up to date knowledge in the key service areas of conception, nutrition, gut health, birthing breastfeeding, sleep, parenting and holistic health.
It is a unique opportunity to hear from a variety of experts all under the one roof, to ask questions and to seek specific care relevant to individual requirements.

So please come along and share with friends or family that you feel could benefit from this amazing day.