The Woman’s Health Collective


2nd December 2017


Beyond Capital Management,
2/80 Dover Drive,
Burleigh Heads


The Women’s Health Collective – Saturday 2 December – Beyond Capital Asset Management – Gold Coast

4 Amazing Health Experts at one very exciting and informative event! This Super Saturday is all about women’s health and how to be amazing.

Are you wanting to be as healthy as you possibly can be? Are you seeking to understand your health and then put the mechanisms and products into place to achieve it? Meet our speakers and be inspired!!

Join these amazing women and get informed:

1. Therese Kerr (Celebrated International Speaker, Health Expert and Founder of Divine by Therese Kerr),

2. Sally Joseph (Inspirational Speaker and Celebrated Author of “Love Your Gut”), and

3. Kate Martyn (Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Mum)

4. Dr  Lyndall Shudberg (Chiropractor)


The day will feature;

Sally Joseph As a clinical Nutritionist Sally has an absolute wealth of knowledge surrounding Gut Health and how we can nourish our bodies to live the healthiest lives that we can. The importance of Gut Health is a topic that is very rarely discussed in the context of conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding and yet it can have a profound effect on our health and the development of our unborn baby. Sally will be sharing some incredible tips on women’s health and how to be the best you can be in all stages of your life. Sally will also be available to sign copies of her book “Love Your Gut” that includes over 100 recipes to compliment healthy eating and weight loss! The book will also be for sale on the day!

Kate Martyn  is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and a advocate for a safe online marketplace InnerOrigin. Kate is passionate about Making Food Your Medicine, Truth on Label and why chemical toxins found in everyday products should be avoided, especially through conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Dr  Lyndall Shudberg is a expert chiropractor specialising in Stress and the relationship between emotional, physical and chemical stress as well as the role of the nervous system. This is a day for everyone and absolutely essential for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Therese Kerr is a massive advocate for women’s health and wellbeing and a source of incredible information regarding truth on label and product transparency. Therese is an International Speaker, Author, Visionary and Founder of Divine by Therese Kerr.

If you are interested in gaining more knowledge surrounding chemicals in our everyday products and ways to reduce the level of chemical exposure to you and your family I HIGHLY recommend attending this presentation with Therese Kerr.

Therese Kerr has over 15 years of experience in the cosmetic industry and an absolute mind-blowing knowledge base surrounding the chemicals that saturate our everyday marketplace AND the damage these are doing to our bodies, especially our developing babies. The knowledge that she will share is extensive, comprehensive and I guarantee life changing!

She will empower and inspire you and her information is relevant to everyone, especially for those planning to conceive or who are pregnant and breastfeeding! You will learn why chemicals that are hidden everywhere in today’s marketplace could be reeking havoc on you and your babies bodies.


This is a FREE event that I guarantee will change your life! 

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Stay tuned for some very exciting Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Events scheduled for 2018 as well as my “Bring Back The Picnic” morning teas that will be kicking off next year and will be a great way for mums dads and bubss to simply connect whilst enjoying the simple pleasure of the good old picnic!