Lets face it we are all busy and having a baby, toddler or child just takes that to the next level. I would say the main response I always hear when people comment on how we eat is “I don’t have time to make it all from scratch”. I get that, I really do. With a partner that works away, running a business and also being a mum I totally get it ..but we still manage to eat the way we eat, so thought i’d share my top tips on how we save time and make whole foods.
1. Make your lunch and theirs the evening before.
As a general rule I try to always pack Tallow and my lunch the night before. Yes it means doing a little more at night or in afternoon but this takes all the pressure off for the following day, ensures a good variety and also means that we literally just grab our  Planet box from Biome out and can go to the beach or park and eat it, or simply play in morning or go for a walk before breaky. I also find making my lunch and snacks the night before is a great way to ensure I eat well and don’t reach for those quick not so nourishing options.

2. Make in bulk
I make Tallow a lot of soups on bone broth, veg hommus, Bolognese packed with veggies and Quiches amongst other things. Basically almost anything that will freeze well I make extra off and freeze in portions. Means then there is always options for those busy days to just grab something out and your good to go. I even freeze his smoothies into silicon ice block moulds I get from Biome and they are excellent during summer.

3. Cook up Parent day
I have a couple of other foodie mums and so we often will make a “food” day once a wk or fortnight where we go to each others house and one plays with the bubs while the other smashes out some bulk meal. Its actually really fun, a great way to make the cooking enjoyable and a nice opportunity for the toddlers to socialise.

4. Opt for easy

Making whole foods from scratch doesn’t mean getting the mortar and grinder out and it being  massive thing. Choose recipes that are quick and easy and replicate or tweak them to suit you. I often make a Quiche that I simply process all the ingredients into small pieces, add a bunch of mixed eggs and a tablespoon of almond meal or coconut flour and through it in the oven. Another quick one is roasting a big much of veggies in gee and herbs or steaming a big batch of veggies. I then have a variety of veggies on the go for a couple of days and with little effort expended in the process. I get most of my quick, easy and nourishing recipes from Well Nourished, she has a tonne of easy to make FREE recipes and some fantastic ebooks as well.

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