Therese Kerr


Have you ever thought about the potential effects of what you are putting in and on your body are having on your health and your baby? For me the turning point for when I really stopped to think in depth about this question was when I fell pregnant.

Suddenly I had this incredible protective and nurturing urge and I questioned and examined everything that was going into my body and potentially my baby. This was when I first became aware of the term “fragrance” and how hidden behind this single word can be hundreds of chemicals that never need to be disclosed. This knowledge alone greatly changed our life and we went on to ensure everything in our home was fragrance free and organic where possible. It wasn’t until after we had our son that I had my fist opportunity (through InnerOrigin) to hear Therese Kerr speak and what she shared absolutely changed my life and made me incredibly grateful for the changes I had begun to make whilst pregnant.

Unfortunately, chemicals in cosmetics is rarely talked about when we are pregnant. Indeed the main focus seems to be on avoiding soft cheeses and deli meats with little if any information provided on the potential effects of what moisturisers, shampoos, makeup, deodorants etc could have on ourselves and our unborn babies.

As a midwife and Mum I feel this needs to change. I feel that we have a responsibility as parents to protect our children and I believe that we have the power within us to change the health of the next generation.

But we cannot change what we do not know and this is where evidence based up to date education is needed and is what I believe should be our responsibility as health care providers.

So, I am extremely grateful and excited to have Therese Kerr present at our upcoming Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Event to share such information so that we all have the opportunity to make informed choices in our everyday lives, especially when pregnant.

Therese Kerr

After having had endometriosis, hashimoto’s and tumours in her spleen, Therese had no option but to choose health. For almost 16 years Therese has dedicated her life to study and research.
She now works with Professors and wellness practitioners sharing evidenced-based research on chemical toxicity and its impact on the human body.
It is not acceptable to Therese that babies are being born with on average 287 synthetic chemical toxicants in their little umbilical cords.
It will take women to bring about the change needed in the Cosmetic industry and as an Organic Industry Leader as well as being voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women, Therese is determined to educate, empower and inspire women to bring about that change.

Therese states that;

“Each and every day we place a chemical burden on our bodies through what we eat and also what we put on our skin (personal and skincare products).
There are eight major classes of chemicals in everyday products from hormone disrupting chemicals to obesogens, neuro toxins, immuno toxins, developmental an reproductive toxins and cancer causing chemicals (carcinogens).
The FDA in America state “almost one in five cosmetic (cosmetic’s defined as skin, hair, beauty, personal, baby, men’s care and makeup products) contain formaldehyde-releasing chemicals known to cause cancer” yet many of the chemicals that are banned in Europe as highly toxic are found in the products most of us use on a daily basis here in Australia. Obesogenic chemicals cause our fat cells to multiply, turn our normal cells into fat cells and cause us to put on and maintain weight. The hormone disrupting chemicals (endocrine disrupting) found in almost all “cosmetic” products are xeno oestrogen’s that mimic the female hormone oestrogen sending our hormones into disarray and are sadly feminizing our men and baby boys so much so that the rate of malformed genitalia in baby boys has increased by 400% (a greater increase than that of cancer).
Babies are being born pre-polluted with on average 287 chemicals in their little umbilical cords, one in seven women of child baring age are considered infertile, semen count in men has now dropped by more than 60% and that is just the beginning!”

Join Therese as she walks you through the minefield of cosmetic chemicals and provides you with solutions. She will leave you empowered and inspired to learn more and to fully appreciate how you can totally change the way you age, impact your hormones positively and live a healthier life.

Therese Kerr will be one of our 8 presenters at this years Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Event. You can learn more about our Event and Presenters as well as Book tickets HERE


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